“The whole was held together by O’Rourke and the extraordinary beauty of her voice.”   – Michael Dervan, The Irish Times

MICHELLE O'ROURKE is an Irish singer currently based in Dublin. Her natural sound, unaffected expressivity and technical ability make for an interpreter of rare dynamism. Michelle combines her classical training and background in Baroque music with an adventurous eclecticism and a passion for collaboration.

A recent collaboration with Irish composer Simon O’Connor has resulted in Left Behind: Songs of the 1916 Widows – a suite of songs inspired by the experiences of women associated with the 1916 Easter Rising in Ireland. This work offers an emotional, human perspective on a narrative that is too often told in baldly male heroic terms. Left Behind will be featured as part of the Ireland’s official commemorative programme for 2016 and will tour Ireland during this centenary year.  Left Behind was recorded in January: an album is set to be released in early March.

Michelle has worked regularly with Ergodos, a Dublin-based music company, since its inception in 2006. She has performed for Ergodos, both as a soloist, and as part of their flexible performing group Ergodos Musicians, in Ireland, UK, USA and Germany.